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I originally posted this thread "Anadrol 50" back in February when a few comments about a Bivirkninger certain newspaper were being made by certain people on this MB. This week a similar series of comments has appeared. I have been asked by Anavar Reddit someone Buy Boldenone India (you know who you are) to kindly repost my thoughts and I am more than glad to do so. Most of us would never look at a certain newspaper but a thread posted today and some of the responses made me have to pass comment. A certain element of our worldwide family of Reds fans may not understand the bitterness and anger against this particular newspaper. For you people, please read and try to appreciate how important it 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron is that you 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron never read the Sun.

On April 15th 1989, 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives in a crush at the Leppings Lane end of the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield. They had gone to watch an FA Cup semi final. This terrible, horrific Comprar Levitra event touched thousands who watched it unfold (as I did) on television or as they read about it the following day.

On Monday 17th April, The Sun ran a front page headline proclaiming \"The Truth\" about the disaster.

We all know the truth, we have known almost since day one. In fact, we knew at the time. We saw pictures of makeshift stretchers made from advertising hoardings, we saw injured and dazed fans carrying the bodies of the dead and Buy Winstrol Injections dying away from the melee. We saw the compassion and feeling a group of good, honest people felt for their fellow supporters.

We all know the truth. The Sun knows the truth, yet neither it, nor its representatives have EVER made a public apology, NEVER issued a statement of regret for their actions.

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